Photos: Fanimecon 2011

In all my time of going to San Jose Downtown for my everyday commute, I have never seen it like this. San Jose was hit by a storm called Fanimecon. Basically where Anime fanboys and fangirls gather to cosplay or buy rare figurines. I cannot describe the convention in words so I will just let the photos do all the talking.

Down the street, Psycho Donuts were offering Sushi donuts complete with Pocky chopsticks.

If you can name these characters… I have news for you…


Assassins Creed brawling it out.

Once again Brock is doing whatever he does.

More Final Fantasy cosplayers

Every year these guys shows up and say “living” is a sin.

Does Nismo make parts for Mini Coopers?

For those Bandai fans out there, I thought this was pretty cool to see a Haruhi Suzumiya Mecha Suit.

See Ya Next Year! (Fursuit by and worn by original owner)

I am overloaded with photo’s right now and this is all I give so far. Expect more photo’s later on.